The Assessments area of Blackboard plays an important role in providing students with clear information and support. It’s essential for students to understand what is required of them to meet the module learning outcomes.


New for 2018-19

There are a number of requirements for assessments in the Blackboard Baseline, including some new ones:

  • Summative Assessment Grid – This is a copy of a table in the Module Study Guide. Duplication has been avoided as much as possible but clarity and easy access to Assessment information is important. There is a table built-in to the template to help reduce the work required to complete it.
  • Assessment Support Forum – This discussion forum is for students to use to clarify assessment requirements. It is intended to help provide better online support to students and should reduce the necessity for multiple individual emails as information is more visible and permanent. Forums in the Blackboard Template


Turnitin Settings for Coursework

UWL has a set of required and recommended settings for Turnitin coursework assessments.

New for 2018-19: one of the settings has changed from recommended to required this year. The setting ‘Generate Similarity Reports for Student Submissions’ should be set to ‘immediately (can overwrite reports until due date)’. This enables students to get similarity reports for draft versions of their coursework as well as the final submission.


Grade Centre Totals Columns

No change from 2017-18, just a reminder: the Totals columns in the Grade Centre should not be displayed to students. These columns are hidden in the template so no change is needed. Blackboard should only display the marks for individual pieces of work. This is for consistency across modules and to avoid potential errors. Calculated totals should only be displayed to students in My Registry.


Image: Assessment by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images