There are different ways to get involved in the Teaching Hub:

  1. Comment on the articles in our News and Ideas sections
  2. Write articles for us. Do you have something to share with colleagues? If you have an approach you’d like to recommend, a pitfall to highlight, or a great resource to share don’t hesitate to contact us
  3. Contact us with your questions and feedback


Why should I get involved?


The University of West London’s Teaching Hub is a welcoming space in which to share ideas, and good practice, with colleagues from within, and outside, the University.


Engaging with the Teaching Hub can help you to raise your profile as a practitioner. Contributions can even be used as evidence of engagement with teaching and learning when applying for professional recognition, e.g. through fellowship applications to Advance HE. This would demonstrate that you contribute to the dissemination of good practice, and to networking within the University.


The Teaching Hub welcomes contributions to our Ideas section. We would look forward to receiving contributions, amongst others, on: how you have implemented the use of a technology in your practice; specific case studies; any area of good practice that you would like to share; specific suggestions and ideas that you may have taken away from conferences or other events, which you would like to disseminate to your colleagues.


It is also possible to contribute to the News section of the Teaching Hub. Contributions would include general write-ups on conferences and events that you have attended; reviews; updates that you would like to share with colleagues.


The ExPERT Academy hopes that colleagues will become regular contributors to the Teaching Hub, becoming active members of a vibrant teaching and learning community.