The extended induction is designed to give new students the best start to their University journey by ensuring that they are fully informed about the opportunities, choice and support that are available. The extended induction covers 7-weeks starting on Monday 10 September (Week 0/Enrolment/Induction week).

Guidance Notes for staff in Extended Induction Folder on UWL SharePoint (login required).


Resources – new students

These resources are to be used in the classroom.

Topic Resource            Notes
1 Introduction to Blackboard Slide in Extended Induction folder (UWL login) This single PowerPoint slide can be added to your own slides. It advertises an online activity for students to complete independently.
1 or 2 Introduction to Volunteering Team Video
1 – 4 Learning Gain Survey Video

L3-L4 September 2018 (Available from 3rd September): 

L5 September 2018 (Available from 3rd September):

2 Introduction to Welfare Team Video UWL’s Welfare Team is here to assist students with personal and emotional problems affecting their studies and general well-being. This video talks about the services on offer.
3 to 6 Introduction to Turnitin Similarity Reports Video The video advertises an online activity for students to complete independently.
3 Wellbeing and Disability Video This video discusses the services on offer from UWL’s Wellbeing Team, covering disability, mental health, counselling and faith.
4 Financial Advice Video The Student Advice Team are here to support you throughout your time at University, covering free and confidential one-to-one advice on: funding, fee statuses, money management, benefits and tax credit help, housing rights and much more. This short video will discuss the support that we offer.
4 Placement and Employment Video The Placement and Employment Services at UWL helps students find part-time work, placement/internship and graduate opportunities, this video will showcase those services.
5 Introduction to Careers Video This video discusses the services on offer for students and graduates of UWL from the Careers & Volunteering Team.

All videos are available in the Extended Induction folder on UWL Replay.


Resource for returning students


Topic Resource Notes
1 Welcome Back PowerPoint (UWL login) A 2-minute PowerPoint ‘show’. The slides change automatically. You can download it or just open it and show it from within the browser.