UWL has introduced a new teaching observation policy to ensure that we can meet regulatory needs and provide appropriate recognition, support and development for our staff who teach.

All those undertaking the observations will complete a training programme run by the ExPERT Academy (slides here).

In addition, observers are provided with a handbook, the Observer appraisal template and the the developmental plan pro-forma.

All teaching staff  except those on the Academic Professional Apprenticeship or taking part in the Academic Development and Mentoring programme will be observed every year.  Schools will decide if staff on part-time, hourly paid contracts who have substantive teaching or administration responsibilities will also be observed.

In most instances, observers will be members of the senior management team of the School or College and will have relevant disciplinary expertise.

The observers will take a supportive, developmental approach and are looking for evidence of outstanding practice and areas where individuals may need developmental support which will be provided through the UWL CPD Framework