Festival of Learning and Teaching 2019

What is the point of feedback?

This years conference will look at what we understand by the term feedback and what students expect. Its not just about telling students what they have done wrong, its about listening to them about what we can do better and also listening to colleagues and learning from them. This conference will explore feedback (and feedforward) in all its guises. Its central to the students’ learning experiences but also essential for our own professional development.

Further details and a call for papers will be announced in November, so register with the Teaching Hub to be sure you are alerted about the dates.




Developing Creative Professionals

Festival of Learning and Teaching 2018 – Keynote

Wednesday 27 June 2018
St Mary’s Road, Ealing


Conference recordings and presentations

Recordings and presentation files are available on the keynotes and parallel sessions pages. We will continue to add them as we receive them.



The conference included two keynotes, presentations and workshops by UWL staff and a presentation by the Students’ Union.


Conference Theme

This year’s theme was Developing Creative Professionals. There were three sub-themes based on our new graduate attributes:

  • Professional and creative – Knowledgeable and confident, our graduates are self-aware; understanding the need for ethical action and considering how they impact others. They are creative, able to communicate ideas effectively, finding solutions to problems and influencing change. Working effectively alone or in teams, they contribute to organisational success.
  • Thoughtful and proactive – Possessing strong Information literacy, our graduates can explain, interpret, analyse, evaluate and draw inferences from a range of sources. They are emotionally intelligent, using their learning to lead, encourage and influence others. Wanting to positively change their worlds, they are committed to equality and inclusivity, personal and professional development and supporting the development of others.
  • Globally aware and resilient – Originating from diverse backgrounds, our graduates are resilient and culturally aware. Embracing change, they are courageous and understand how committing to learning, and developing the requisite skills, allows them to face challenges in highly interconnected, rapidly changing, national and international, environments.