Festival of Learning and Teaching 2019

What is the point of feedback?

This years conference will look at what we understand by the term feedback and what students expect. Its not just about telling students what they have done wrong, its about listening to them about what we can do better and also listening to colleagues and learning from them. This conference will explore feedback (and feedforward) in all its guises. Its central to the students’ learning experiences but also essential for our own professional development.

A call for submissions will be released in January with a closing date of March 16th, 2019. Details of submission formats and forms will be available from this site. Authors of successful submissions will be informed by April 12th and a finalised programme will be available on May 16th.

We welcome applications from ALL staff both at UWL and our partner institutions. We particularly want to encourage contributions which include students in their delivery.  Submissions should address one or more of  the following sub-themes:

Student perceptions of feedback

Developing academic practice through mentoring and coaching

Using technology for feedback

Feedback vs Feedforward

Student voices – the role of feedback in enhancing student learning

Inclusivity in relation to feedback and its practice

The role of feedback in developing research and researchers

Lets make this year even more successful than last year and demonstrate the quality of what we do at UWL.