Eti Wade Senior Lecturer in Media (HE) Ealing School of Arts, Design and Media

Text For the level 6 BA Photography module ‘Professional Portfolio’ I created a PebblePad profiler called ‘The Photography Employability Profiler’. The ‘Professional Portfolio’ module supports students in preparing for employment in the Photo-Imaging industry. The Photo-Imaging industry, like most creative industries, is highly competitive and successful in gaining employment is achieved through personal initiative, strong technical and creative abilities, self-confidence, good presentation skills and an excellent photographic portfolio. Students’ ability to talk about their skills and competencies in a confident and informed manner is a major factor affecting their level of success in gaining photo-imaging industry-related employment.

1. The Programme Learning Outcomes:
Third year BA students, approaching the end of their degree studies, should be close to achieving the Programme Learning Outcomes.
2. Skillset skills required for entry into the photo-imaging industry:
The skillset papers regarding the Photo-Imaging industry specify skills and competencies desired by the photo-imaging industry and have guided the re-design of the programme.
3. UWL Graduate Attributes document:
This document guides the University in designing programmes and assessing graduateness.
The questions on the profiler have been worded in relation to competencies. To aid understanding, most questions have two sections, with the second section detailing specific evidence of the competency.

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