With the new semester fast approaching, here are some useful ideas from the TEL team:


Accessing new modules

New modules appear on Blackboard 13 days before their official start date. If you cannot see modules you believe you should be seeing, it probably means you need to be added to them. You can be added to a module by any colleague who you know has access to it, or by your Course Leader or Head of Subject. If there are any problems, contact TEL Support: http://www.uwl.ac.uk/tel-support/contact-us

New modules are invisible to students by default and you need to make them available to them when you are ready: http://www.uwl.ac.uk/tel-support/blackboard/blackboard-course-management


Preparing new modules

While you are working on the online materials for the new semester, it may be useful to check if your modules on Blackboard follow the UWL Blackboard Baseline: http://uwlteltoolkit.edublogs.org/blackboard-baseline/ and the Blackboard Good Design guidelines: http://uwlteltoolkit.edublogs.org/blackboard-good-design-guidelines/


TEL training and support

We are running a number of workshops in the next few weeks to help you prepare for your teaching. A list is available here: http://informed.edublogs.org/2017/01/06/tel-updates-wc-2-jan/ For details of rooms and to book your place please visit our Eventbrite page: http://instiluwl.eventbrite.com/

You may also want to check out the TEL Online Training Course on Blackboard – see the information on this page: http://www.uwl.ac.uk/tel-support/tel-online-training-course

TEL Support for staff is available here: http://www.uwl.ac.uk/tel-support/welcome

TEL Support for students is available here: http://www.uwl.ac.uk/blackboard-help-students/welcome


UWL Replay – lecture capture

We will be sending separate emails to colleagues timetabled to deliver lectures  in UWL Replay classrooms. For more information about UWL Replay, please see this page: http://www.uwl.ac.uk/tel-support/uwl-replay