Today we looked at the practical tips of marking with an iPad. We were joined by our colleagues Marcia Worrell and Janet Goddard from the School of Human and Social Sciences, and Catherine Lynch from College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare.
In this 30min session we shared the practices that are been used with marking using an iPad, Marcia has shared her practice by using Blackboard Learn app in order to access turnitin assignments. She found marking using the app very practical and more convenient as it does not require turnitin access code.
However, Catherine have shared her experience using the turnitin app to be very positive. As it allows her to download the assignments and can mark offline.
The group have also discussed the benefits of being able to mark assignments offline, practically when commuting on the train or when being in placements. This will help to improve the marking turnaround time and students will get their grade and feedback quicker.
When using Turnitin app for iPad, it allows instructors to mark and grade student assignments with all of the Turnitin features and the option of grading offline. The app includes automated originality feedback and allows instructors to leave the following types of feedback on student’s assignment:
• QuickMark comments with personalised comments
• Highlights with comments
• Bubble comments
• Inline comments
• Strike through text
• Voice comments
• General comments
• Rubric grading
• To avoid any clash with syncing grades/feedback, avoid marking the same assignment with using the PC and the iPad at the same time.
• Use Turnitin app if you prefer marking offline.
• Use Blackboard Learn app if can’t get the turnitin access code.

For more information on marking with iPad, please check the TEL support pages: Grading using Turnitin for iPad

If you would like to discuss ways of Marking with an iPad, please contact either your Academic Developer, or email


iPad image: Zara Ilić via Flicker