Festival of Learning and Teaching 2018

Booking is open for the UWL Festival of Learning & Teaching 2018, Wednesday 27 June, SMR, Ealing site.


Call for Papers


ExPERT Academy activity

  • Recently published: Casanova, D., Di Napoli, R. and Leijon, M., 2018. Which space? Whose space? An experience in involving students and teachers in space design.Teaching in Higher Education, 23(4), pp.488-503.

    This paper, co-authored by Diogo Casanova (ExPERT Academy) aimed at understanding how students and teachers conceptualise learning spaces when they are given the opportunity to do so in a workshop environment. Findings suggest that the active involvement in space design endows participants with the power of reflection on the pedagogical process, which can be harnessed for the actual creation and innovation of learning spaces.