2018-19 Blackboard courses created 6-weeks before start date

All modules and course areas on Blackboard are created automatically 6-weeks before their start date. So, for modules starting in Week 1 of Semester 1, the corresponding Blackboard courses will be available to the Module Leader the week beginning 6 August 2018.


Copying content from 2017-18 Blackboard courses

The 2018-19 Blackboard courses will not contain content from the 2017-18 equivalents but it is possible to copy content if needed. We will also be re-enabling the Course Copy function.


Updated Blackboard Baseline and standard module template

The Blackboard Baseline and the standard template for 2018-19 are currently being finalised. The ExPERT Academy is concluding a consultation and the changes to the Module Study Guide are also being taken into account. It will change but not radically. We will be providing more guidance on how to use the template and meet the baseline.


Use of the new template will begin on 23 July so that all modules/courses with September start dates are based on it.



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Blackboard unavailable 25 July 2018

Blackboard will be unavailable to staff and students all day on Wednesday 25 July, 2018 while it is upgraded to the most recent version. IT Services will be sending email reminders to staff and students in the preceding weeks.