This is the 2nd in a series of posts about preparing for 2018-19. See also: New Blackboard Baseline and Template

Course Merges

If you need any of your 2018-19 (Semester 1) Blackboard courses merged please email us with the required information as soon as possible, preferably 3-weeks before the module starts. See Course Merges for further details.

Course merges can be used to create a single Blackboard space for multiple instances of the same module, for example a module taught full-time and part-time. Only modules taught in the same academic year can be merged.


Copying Content between Modules

You can easily copy individual items between Blackboard courses to re-use content in your 2018-19 modules. See Copying and Moving Content for instructions. There is also an advanced option – Course Copy – which can be used to copy multiple items from one Blackboard course to another. Please take careful note of all the options when using this feature and contact us if you need advice. You must exclude Assessments, Announcements and Discussions when using Course Copy.


Access to Blackboard courses

If you need access to any Blackboard courses please see How-to get access to a Blackboard course.