UWL has produced the Guides for Success study pack to meet the needs of UWL students. There are 8 guides and an operational manual for staff. The Guides for Success is an updated study pack of the Practical Recipes for Student Success which have been developed by the University of Derby to address student attainment and close the barriers to student success.

Across the world, Universities are becoming more inclusive in order to remove barriers to student success. Given that UWL student community is incredibly diverse we have adopted a more inclusive learning style by embedding simple reference guides to UWL curricula. We believe that these guides enhance an inclusive learning environment, full participation and academic achievement of diverse students.

In How simple guides contribute to an inclusive education and active learning (UWL login required) Eirini Tatsi, Academic Lead: Student Attainment Project, presents an example of how one of the guides – Understanding the Assessment – can contribute to an inclusive education and active learning.