Well the first semester is well under way for 2018-2019 but we are still seeing students struggling to find their course and module handbooks. This should be straightforward with the new Blackboard templates but it seems there are still problems, so can we get it right for semester two please!

All courses have a BB course site which is automatically created each year and MUST be used for course announcements and the course handbook. Its not much work and is the responsibility of the course leader to see that these are in place and students are directed to them.

All modules have a BB course site with a template which MUST be used as is. The additions to the template are there for good reason, to increase student engagement and communication. The template has a site for the module handbook, which must be uploaded. This is the responsibility of the module leader to ensure that the template is used in full and that the sites are current and relevant.  Course handbooks must not be put on these module sites. You can always direct students to the course site in reference to the handbook. This is important because that is where all course announcements should be made.

We’re just trying to make it easier for students to find what they need. If they know where to go for things in one module or one year of the course, they will know where to go for each module and each year. It should make it easier for the course team as well because if there are any changes to the handbook, they only need to be made in one place.

We’ll be getting ready for semester two shortly, so lets try and get this right across the board. I hope the school/college ‘league table will show everyone achieves 100% accuracy.