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The ExPERT Academy is pleased to announce that the next iteration of its SEDA accredited course, ‘Supervising Postgraduate Research’ is scheduled to run from 11 September 2019.  The programme offers supervisors the opportunity to examine, reflect upon and develop their professional practice in postgraduate supervision through sharing the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate supervisory activities and support students in their learning journey. In particular, this programme aims:

 To enhance the professional development of supervisors through a process of conversational inquiry;
 To create a community of practice among supervisors so they can exchange experiences and discuss individual supervisory practices;
 To recognise good practices in supervision in relation to student learning;
 To broaden supervisors’ understanding of what it means to be an effective supervisor;
 To provide supervisors with practical tools – from getting started in the supervision process through to examination, including self-assessment tools to monitor the quality of the supervision process;
 To engage supervisors in scholarly and research-based practice.

The programme consists of four face-to-face sessions, scheduled for:

11th September (13h-16h)
16th October (13h-16h)
20th November (13h-16h)
4th December (13h-16h)

Follow this link to register in the programme. A fee will be charged to non-UWL staff.

For details contact: expert-academy@uwl.ac.uk