It is with great delight that we announce the award of a University Teaching Fellowship to Sara Mcguinness and Catarina Lelis. Many congratulations to them both. The candidates had outstanding applications with strong records of innovation and supporting the development of others. The shortlisted candidates had to give a presentation and go through an interview. The presentation was about the project they planned to do over the next year. Sara’s project involves giving UWL students the opportunity to participate in an exciting way of capturing and exhibiting performance as an emersive experience. She aims to build on a format she has developed with colleague in Cuba and wants to extend it to a range of disciplines here at UWL.

Catarina’s project involves the design of an impact-centred tool for developing HE students’ capacity for sustainable transformation. Catarina says: ” The first thing I ask my (MA) students on their first day is to start shaping the topic they would like to develop as a final project. The second thing I tell them is that they don’t have time to waste on projects that are to be later forgotten in the depths of a drawer. Finally, I draw their attention to the fact that the more impactful their project is, the higher their currency will be as professionals. The development of an impact canvas for students to plan and anticipate the impact of their work is the main objective of my project which I believe should be of major interest to all module leaders implementing Project-Based Learning and leading final projects or dissertations (UG and PG) – namely when student employability is the primary driver. Catarina is keen to hear from those that might be interested in supporting the project with the project students.