We understand how difficult it is for you to move to teaching online so quickly. The ExPERT Academy will be sending you every week some resources aiming to help you with this new task.

Today we send you few tips and a great short course from Linkedin Learning, which hopefully will give you further help with online teaching.

Three tips

  1. Less is more – you don’t need to provide dozens of resources every week to your students. Resources are great, but they are only great learning opportunities when they are part of a learning activity. Two or three activities per week that are aligned to the learning outcomes are sufficient to have an impact on student’s learning.
  2. Guidance – provide guidance to your students when you share the learning materials. Explain what they need to do and by when, and why it is important: The learning activities need to be contextualised so students understand its relevance and know exactly what to do.
  3. Communication – communicate with your students and show that you are present. Your students are probably also new to online learning, so communication is really important. You can communicate using Blackboard Collaborate, by creating a discussion forum, by sending announcements or even emails. However, the more you promote dialog between students and yourself, the more connected they will become.

Watch the Course Learning to Teach Online in LinkedIn Learning. You can jump from topic to topic if you prefer specific topics.

Online webinars

Online live webinars delivered this week from 12pm to 2pm. There is no need for booking. You only need to click in the links bellow.

Good luck for this week and stay safe!