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Inspire for Advisors (IfA) is a key tool for helping us understand how students are engaging in their studies. Produced by CIVITAS Learning, an American company, this online tool is used especially by Personal Tutors (in American English – ‘Advisors’) to monitor how well students are doing, their engagement with their module, and their engagement with personal tutoring. Personal tutors will be able to make notes and communicate with tutees through IfA, for example, logging outreach, or sending group emails to their Tutorial groups.


Other academics and staff in student engagement and student support roles will also use IfA to log when outreach occurred with individual students. For this reason IfA forms an essential tool for triangulating information, better understanding individual student’s behaviour and identifying when a student might need support or a timely ‘nudge’.


All staff identified as having a need to use IfA must attend training before access is granted to the system. The workshop covers an introduction to Personal Tutoring at UWL, and why and how we use IFA. It will help you develop an understanding of what good support looks like and why it is important.


Visit ExPERT Academy Eventbrite to book a session on “Introduction to Personal Tutoring and ‘Inspire for Advisors’ Training”.

If you require training but no sessions are currently advertised, please contact us.

Where do I access IfA-CIVITAS from?

  • Once you have completed the training, please bookmark the IfA-CIVITAS link in your browser. Alternatively, use the link at the top of this page.

You can access IfA-CIVITAS training resources in this “IfA-CIVITAS” folder to review information and guidance.