The Announcements tool is part of the UWL Blackboard Baseline.

Use Announcements to post/send a message to all students in Blackboard course. Using Announcements keeps all your messages in one place and allows students to revisit them easily. Note:

  • Announcements include an option to send an email
  • Students cannot reply to Announcements
  • See Create an announcement on Announcements on the official Blackboard Help website.

Further Help


Sending Announcements to one or multiple modules using Qwickly

You can send announcements to students on multiple modules at once using Qwickly.

  1. Go to your Blackboard Courses page and find Qwickly
  2. Click Post Announcement
  3. Select the module(s) from the list: double check the dates as the modules will appear in alphabetical order.
  4. Enter the subject and message, tick the Email Announcement box, and click Submit.

Screenshot of Qwickly - how to send announcements


Discussion Board (Forums)

A Blackboard course has a single discussion board, usually called Discussions.  The discussion board is divided into forums. A forum can be used to discuss a single topic of a group of related topics. A thread is a groups of posts (messages) within a forum, the initial message and the subsequent replies.

There are two forums in the UWL Blackboard Baseline. You can create additional Forums for specific purposes.

Subscribing to a Forum

If you subscribe to a forum you will receive an email each time there is a new post. To subscribe to a forum click Subscribe at the top of the Forum. This is recommended for the two forums in the Blackboard Baseline.

Subscribe to Forum

Further Help

  • See Discussions on the official Blackboard Help website for more guidance.