​​Preparing your Blackboard course for UWL Replay

​​​Go to UWL Replay Recordings in your module navigation:

​Select Configure

Configure option

Select Add Course to Panopto

add coourse to panopto

Select your module then select Submit

select folder

Adding lecture recordings into your Blackboard teaching materials

This is only required for modules taught in UWL Replay rooms.

​The UWL Replay policy states that ​’Recordings will be made available within a reasonable period of time, normally within three days of the lecture​’. A link to all recordings for a module will automatically be added to your Blackboard module if you are timetabled in a UWL Replay room. Adding additional links to individual recordings in the appropriate folders within the Learning Material area is also recommended so that students have easy access to the recordings alongside the related material.

Panopto learning materials on blackboard

Adding your lecture recordings into your learning materials area in Blackboard

Tools options on blackboard module

Insert Panopto video on blackboard module

Ok button