The extended induction is designed to give new students the best start to their University journey by ensuring that they are fully informed about the opportunities, choice and support that are available.

Guidance Notes for staff in Extended Induction Folder on UWL SharePoint (login required).


Resources – new students

These resources are to be used in the classroom.

Topic Resource            Notes
1 Welcome back … Slides Returners Welcome Back Sept 2019 This PowerPoint file introduces to students the new developments that have been made in UWL for this academic year. New buildings and facilities or new and revamp services and equipments  are examples of what is contained in this file. You can use them with level 5 and 6 students before you start teaching this year.
1 Introduction to Blackboard Slide in Extended Induction folder (UWL login) This single PowerPoint slide can be added to your own slides. It advertises an online activity for students to complete independently.
1 or 2 Introduction to Volunteering Team Video The Volunteering and Civic Engagement Team at UWL is here to help you get involved in volunteering while at University. Volunteering is a great thing to do for others and it allows you to develop skills and interact with new people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. We focus on enhancing your university experience through developing your CV, meeting new friends and making a different within your local community.
1 or 2 Getting Started Workshop In Person This 30 minute workshop introduces the Engagement Team and the academic support opportunities available to students in addition to their course. The workshop offers words of advice to new students to help them make a confident and informed start as a UWL student. This session aims to help new students understand what is expected of them, to recognise that they are here to learn and not expected to know everything on arrival and that there is plenty of support in place if they face challenges that seem insurmountable. It also aims to reassure students that it can take time to become familiar with the new terminology, geography and community, normalising any nerves or anxiety they may be experiencing as new students.
2 Introduction to Welfare Team Video UWL’s Welfare Team is here to assist students with personal and emotional problems affecting their studies and general well-being. This video talks about the services on offer.
2 Workshop Wednesdays – counsellors PowerPoint Slide UWL Counselling Service run a number of brief focused Workshops over the academic year. This powerpoint slide gives examples of the workshops available, especially ‘Look after your mate’ which is a free training session to help students support their friends.
3 to 6 Developing Study skills In Person This workshop offers a clear introduction to academic writing and how to approach assessments, from planning, reading and structuring through to writing, editing and submitting work. It guides students through the structure of an essay and encourages them to start the process early and make sure they understand the task that has been set. Learning outcomes include an understanding of the steps required to complete an assignment, awareness of support available if needed and increased confidence, particularly for those who may have been away from study for some time.
3 to 6 Introduction to Turnitin Similarity Reports Video The video advertises an online activity for students to complete independently.
3 to 6 Information Literacy In Person The information literacy workshop will be taught by the Academic Support Librarian for your school/college. It will help L3 and L4 students in how to identify knowledge gaps they need to find information on. Following this identification, how to find and evaluate information sources on these topics from a wide range of different sources and incorporate this information into their assignments and also their general understanding of their subjects. The skills covered in this workshop will then be built upon throughout their course in each of the subsequent levels
3 Wellbeing and Disability Video This video discusses the services on offer from UWL’s Wellbeing Team, covering disability, mental health, counselling and faith.
4 Financial Advice Video The Student Advice Team are here to support you throughout your time at University, covering free and confidential one-to-one advice on: funding, fee statuses, money management, benefits and tax credit help, housing rights and much more. This short video will discuss the support that we offer.
4 Placement and Employment Video The Placement and Employment Services at UWL helps students find part-time work, placement/internship and graduate opportunities, this video will showcase those services.
5 Introduction to Careers Video This video discusses the services on offer for students and graduates of UWL from the Careers & Volunteering Team.
5 Graduate Outcomes Video This short film encourages students to make the most of their time at the University and also to make the most of the career preparation support that is available to them at UWL. It also introduces the concept of Graduate Outcomes.

All videos are available in the Extended Induction folder on UWL Replay.