The University of West London has over ten years’ experience of delivering apprenticeships, the quality of which has been recognised by Ofsted. . In recent years, the provision of apprenticeships and Further Education has increased, both at UWL and in our partner organisations. We recognise the special nature of apprenticeships, and FE in HE, and offer bespoke training for course teams and individuals who want to advance their understanding and expertise in this area.

UWL also delivers the Academic Professional Apprenticeship (Level 7) which enables us to teach all those new to Higher Education Academic Practice the nuanced differences between teaching at Levels 2-8, as well as the particular relationship between the employer-apprentice-education provider in apprenticeship programmes.

In the last year, since the Centre for Enhancement in Learning and Teaching (CELT)’s inception, as well as our standard CPD programme, we have delivered the following staff development for FE and Apprenticeship providers:

Online assessment and feedback

  • Reflecting on the NSS – what are we doing and what can be done better
  • Looking at the School – exploring what is being done and what the school wants to achieve
  • Types of assessment
  • Understanding what students want from assessment and feedback
  • Developing online assessment strategies and features
  • Investigating effective feedback
  • Scaffolding learning and assessment
  • Exploring the use of Rubrics (with case studies)

 Learning design and scaffolding with learning technologies

  • What do we plan, and how do we plan a lesson?
  • How students learn (active learning Vs passive learning)
  • The conversational framework (six types of learning)
  • Identifying key principles of learning design
  • Designing a weekly learning plan for your students

An example of our work can be found here FE & Apprenticeship CPD with SCE. For further information or to request bespoke FE or Apprenticeship training for staff, please contact the and entitle your email ‘CPD request’.