What are Coffee Break TIPs?

Hi there, and welcome to this introduction to Coffee Break TIPs.  My name’s Matt and I’d like to tell you three things about them.  Firstly, what are the coffee break tips. Secondly,  why you should join us. And, finally, some practical information about when they run and so on.

So, what are they?  The Coffee Break TIPs are informal meetings for UWL colleagues to get together over coffee and discuss the use of technology in education.  They’re practical sessions: we’ll be looking at apps, websites, social media, and other tools that you can use.  We’ll be looking at a variety of topics: creating digital materials, for example, using technology in the classroom, using social media for research, communicating with your students; a wide variety of topics.

So, why should you come?  Well, first and foremost it’s an opportunity to develop your own digital skills and learn from colleagues, but also an opportunity for you to share your ideas and practice with colleagues and, last but not least, it’s an opportunity to drink coffee.

So, finally, some practical information.  The Coffee Break TIPs are held weekly, they’re in term time, and they last for 30 minutes.  We’ll be holding some at SMR and some at Paragon.  Each one’s facilitated by a different person, but it is a discussion, not a formal presentation.

We look forward to seeing you soon and having a coffee.