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Appointments and events with Doodle and Eventbrite

In this coffee break tip, it was Eventbrite and Doodle‘s turn to be discussed over biscuits and coffee. We were joined by Janne Mantykoski; Rosey Stock and Bronach Hughes, all from School of Human and Social Sciences. Eventbrite So to set things off, we… Continue Reading →

Using Poll Everywhere for Peer Instruction

In this coffee break TIPs we looked at how we could use the university’s in class polling tool Poll Everywhere in the use of peer instruction as an alternative form of pedagogy. Peer Instruction is an interactive teaching method, made popular by… Continue Reading →

Flipped classroom

Today we met for Coffee Break TIPs to discuss the flipped classroom. After a slight double-booking related hiccup (apologies to anyone who didn’t manage to find us!), we had a productive discussion about the philosophy behind and methods used in the… Continue Reading →

Creating audio and screen recordings

In this session we focused on the use of Panopto for recording and publishing video (or audio) recordings. We also touched on apps for recording your screen on your mobile. We were joined by staff from the School of Computing and… Continue Reading →

Using twitter to promote a project

Yesterday’s coffee break tips was about how to use Twitter for Learning, Teaching and Research. There’s lots of interesting stuff we could have talked about, how twitter is used in the classroom, or how it can be used to study… Continue Reading →

Twitter: the basics

Last week INSTIL held two Coffee Break TIPs sessions, one at Paragon and one at St Mary’s Road. It was inspiring to see how staff are currently using Twitter and how they were so eager to share this with their… Continue Reading →

Marking with an iPad

Today we looked at the practical tips of marking with an iPad. We were joined by our colleagues Marcia Worrell and Janet Goddard from the School of Human and Social Sciences, and Catherine Lynch from College of Nursing, Midwifery and… Continue Reading →

Managing your references

In today’s Coffee Break TIP session we had an involved and interactive discussion, which focused on the use of support tools for referencing. Susan McGlamery, Academic Support Librarian for the School of Law and Criminology, led the discussion by giving an… Continue Reading →

Giving all students a voice with questions and surveys

This was a really inspiring and interesting session where colleagues shared two very different uses of Poll Everywhere which have brought benefits for teachers and students in the London School of Film, Media and Design, and the London College of… Continue Reading →

Creating video lectures (talking to camera) and ideas for use

Today we looked at creating video lectures and ideas for their use. We were joined by Tricia Tikasingh, senior lecturer in the School of Human and Social Sciences, who has used video in the BSc Nutritional Therapy.  Over coffee and biscuits,… Continue Reading →

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