Terms of Use

Terms of Use

UWL CampusPress can only be used for teaching, learning and assessment activities and to support student learning. It is not available for use for other university activities including administration, departmental websites and research projects.

Your use of UWL CampusPress is covered by University policies, including the Internet Usage and Monitoring Policy and the Acceptable Use of Information Assets Policy. See University Policies for further details.

Key points (from the policies)

1) You must not allow anyone else to use your account.

2) You must not impersonate someone else when using UWL CampusPress.

3) UWL CampusPress must not be used for your own commercial purposes.

4) UWL CampusPress must not be used for publishing materials or posting messages that could be considered to be:

  • offensive, obscene or indecent
  • abusive or threatening to others
  • discriminatory or encouraging discrimination
  • infringing the copyright of another person or business