6. Creating video lectures (talking to camera) and ideas for use



Last weeks CBTip looked at creating video lectures and ideas for their use. We were joined by  Tricia Tikasingh, senior lecturer in the School of Human and Social Sciences, who has used video in the BSc Nutritional Therapy. Over coffee and biscuits, colleagues joined us to discuss how the University tool Panopto can go beyond UWL Replay lecture capture and be utilised throughout a module: from providing introductory videos to joining students, to creating video submissions for student assignments.

As a distance learning module, Tricia spoke of how video had worked well as a mode of welcoming students and introducing them to her module, as well as being used to clarify areas which had frequently received student queries, such as, how students’ can focus their reading, and guidance for assessments. Initially being a fairly reluctant recorder and being a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, Tricia spoke of the student benefits that became apparent, and after a few recordings the familiarity with the tool was quickly gained.


Some top-tips were discussed for creating personal recordings, such as: finding a quiet space for recording, using noise filtering headphones if in a shared work space, being mindful of the shot background, and some handy video editing shortcuts. Instructions for making personal recordings are available on the TEL Support website, the process is straight forward and has been made even simpler by the ability to create recordings directly from Blackboard.

The group also discussed how students can utilise videos in their modules, from recording and submitting student presentation assessments, to students using videos to reflect and share ideas with each other.

If you would like to discuss ways of using video in your teaching, please contact either your Academic Developer, or email TEL@uwl.ac.uk.

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