Welcome to UWLFlex!

UWLFlex, as the name suggests, is the University of West London’s new online flexible learning platform. Building on our reputation for excellence in teaching, learning and student support, the initiative will provide a seamless interface between online and face-to-face learning. Shaped by world leading research into online pedagogy, the approach will place the student at the heart of the learning experience. Using a variety of tools including BlackBoard Ultra and Collaborate, every student will have a personalised learning experience supported every step of the way on their learning journey. This will involve enhanced academic content and structured online delivery combined with meaningful access to staff.

The support structure around this main learning platform includes additional academic and pastoral services, online library services, online journals and learning materials, student services, finance, and welfare. Lastly, all activities will entail engagement with a series of confidence raising activities, first class careers support, and student community with the Students’ Union.

The strategy is defined by the following three key elements.


Introduce: watch short lectures, narrated presentations or complete a short task to assess conceptual understanding. mini lectures with Q&A for student engagement.


Engage: a webinar with the tutor, groupwork, peer-work and feedback
Use of case studies, problem-based task, link to professional/work practice.


Practice: follow-up tests/tasks, reading and discussion forums. Further feedback. Extend with research, extra study or by producing an artefact. the key feature is feedback.