Too often we are so enamoured with the opportunities that technology offers that we neglect the climate in which it will be implemented. The introduction of the UWLFlex strategy for online delivery is set within a context of almost unimaginable proportions.  Numerous families and young people have that have had their ambitions and lives shattered, and the health and social impacts of the pandemic are likely to persist long into the future.

This is the context within which the UWLFlex online strategy is set.

 Support & School Contacts


Learning Designer

EA Academic support

School Academic Lead


Darron Halsall

Erik Blair

Nicholas McKay


Nick Fisher

Erik Blair

Dennis Olsen


Shabana Ali

Antony Aleksiev

Rajab Ghandour


Shabana Ali

Sophia Hutchinson

Philip Ells

SCE (w/s 22June)

Sakila Venkitasamy

Antony Aleksiev

Waqar Asif


Mark Eggins

Diogo Casanova

Tricia Triksingh


Sayrah Javed

Diogo Casanova

Anil Padhra

CNMH (w/s 22 June)

Mark Power

Hendrik van der Sluis

Aby Mitchell


Jaineesha Mistry / Antony Aleksiev

Antony Aleksiev

Bernadine Onibokun