The ExPERT Academy was launched in April 2018 as a new, technologically skilled, academic development centre. Its remit is to support the professional development of all those who teach through the provision of award-bearing and accredited courses, workshops and special projects. In the current academic year ExPERT’s academic and learning technology staff are focussing on:

  1. the transformation of course approval and reapproval through alignment with the new Quality Code and the national framework for Higher Education Qualifications
  2. the introduction of the UWL pedagogy (active and scaffolded learning) through the agency of the new VLE – Blackboard Ultra.

Attendance at these events is compulsory for all staff involved in course (re)approval and for those who design or manage courses VLE sites. All modules will have a new Ultra site which aligns with the learning, teaching and assessment strategy, the assessment policy and the UWL pedagogy. Relevant documents are available from the teaching hub.

Although the contents of this site is targeted at UWL staff and those of its partners, we hope others will find it interesting and will contribute ideas as a shared resource for those who teach in Higher Education.