CELT has selected a variety of LinkedIn Learning sessions that support effective teaching and learning . UWL staff can access these resources at any time to improve their practice!

Topic Area Title Link
Collaboration Essentials of Team Collaboration Welcome to Essentials of Team Collaboration (linkedin.com)
Collaboration Become a Super-Collaborator Introduction (linkedin.com)
Collaboration Collaboration Principles and Process Collaboration yields results (linkedin.com)
Critical Thinking Improving Your Thinking Why does thinking matter? (linkedin.com)
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision-Making Upgrading critical thinking (linkedin.com)
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Improve your problem-solving skills (linkedin.com)
Critical Thinking Developing a Critical Thinking Mindset Benefits of a critical thinking mindset (linkedin.com)
Diversity Inclusion Diversity Inclusion Belonging (DIBS) Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (linkedin.com) 
Learning Five Learning Lessons from Cognitive Science Learning lessons from cognitive science (linkedin.com) Podcast
Presentation Skills Presenting to Senior Executives Presenting to senior executives (linkedin.com)
Presentation Skills Designing a Presentation Designing a presentation (linkedin.com)
Presentation Skills How to Present and Stay on Point Present and stay on point (linkedin.com)
Presentation Skills Master Confident Presentations Welcome (linkedin.com)
Presentation Skills PowerPoint: Designing Better Slides Welcome (linkedin.com)
Presentation Skills Presenting as a Team Welcome (linkedin.com)
Presentation Skills PowerPoint: From Outline to Presentation Creating a PowerPoint presentation from an outline (linkedin.com)
Public Speaking Memorization and Rehearsal Tips for Public Speaking Does memorization work? (linkedin.com) Podcast
Public Speaking Public Speaking: Energize and Engage Your Audience What it takes to be an engaging presenter (linkedin.com)
Public Speaking Managing Your Anxiety While Presenting Calm and confident presenting (linkedin.com)
Public Speaking Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking Become a confident speaker (linkedin.com)
Public Speaking Communicating with Confidence Speaking with confidence (linkedin.com)
Public Speaking Speaking Confidently and Effectively Great speaking skills are a must-have (linkedin.com) Podcast
Public Speaking Public Speaking for Non-Native English Speakers Public speaking for non-native English speakers (linkedin.com)
Public Speaking Public Speaking Foundations Deliver a great presentation (linkedin.com)
Research Information Literacy Welcome (linkedin.com)
Research Academic Research Foundations: Quantitative Welcome (linkedin.com)
Study Skills Learning Study Skills Welcome (linkedin.com)
Time Management Time Management Fundamentals The power of managing your time (linkedin.com)
Time Management Managing Your Time Thinking about time management (linkedin.com)
Time Management Getting Things Done Benefits of Getting Things Done (linkedin.com)
Time Management Enhancing Your Productivity Welcome (linkedin.com)
Writing Academic Research Foundations: Quantitative Welcome (linkedin.com)
Writing Writing in Plain English Welcome (linkedin.com)


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