Currently, the Centre for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) offers one short course. It is actually a series of short online courses for Hourly Paid Lecturers (HPL) at UWL. This course is currently voluntary for HPLs but is designed to help them understand their role and what is expected of them at UWL. The course runs on Blackboard which also helps those new to UWL get used to our learning management system.

The course comprises 3 parts (and a brief introduction on how to use the course).

Making a difference: A course for Hourly Paid Lecturers

Making a difference: A course for Hourly Paid Lecturers

Before you start at UWL‘ is useful for all those who are starting a new academic year as an HPL, particularly if you are responsible for contributing to a module site on Blackboard.  Although this is currently voluntary, it is likely to become compulsory for all those who are new to UWL.

Your first months at UWL‘ provides a basic guide to learning and teaching but is worth looking at even if you are experienced because it tells you how we expect students to be taught at UWL.

Your first academic year at UWL‘ is about reflecting on your own development needs and how you can enhance your teaching practice.

Enrolling on the course is easy, you just email with the message title ‘Enrolment on HPL online course’. You can complete the course in your own time. Each part provides you with a badge of completion and if you complete the whole programme you will be eligible to join our Advance UWL programme and gain professional recognition through the UK Professional Standards framework for free!

Module Name – Making a Difference: A Course for Hourly Paid Lecturers

Module Code/ID – EA_HPL


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Making a difference: a course for those new to teaching in our academic partner institutions.