Last updated: 28 February 2022.


At UWL we monitor student attendance. The process is called student attendance monitoring, and the tool we use is called SEAtS.  This has been upgraded in September 2021, and the process has been working well since we returned to on-campus teaching. Academic Administration, Compliance, and the Student Engagement Team have been using SEAtS weekly to check attendance, especially for visa and apprenticeship students where it is a requirement for students to attend all lessons (unless authorisation has been granted not to).

Your support in ensuring that the system is accurate means that we can better support our students; for example, ensuring funding support that is dependent on attendance can be processed quickly and correctly, as well as ensuring students are on track by being able to spot a drop off in attendance or engagement. As a lecturer, it’s important when there’s a change to a timetabled class that action is taken to ensure the data we capture is as accurate as possible, thus making students are not contacted in error when it appears that they haven’t been attending classes.

Steps to follow for lecturers

  1. Please watch this brief video to learn how to use SEAtS.
  2. Remind all students to swipe into their class as soon as they enter the room (not more than 15 minutes before the class starts).  We will also be communicating this message at the start of the semester to all students.
  3. If a student has forgotten their ID card, they can be manually marked as attending with a few simple clicks (refer to the short video above).
  4. If you have had to move the class online or change the room at the last minute, please ensure you manually update the attendance for that class in SEAtS (refer to videos above).
  5. If you have set up an online class with Timetabling, student attendance needs to be manually added.
  6. If a class is cancelled, please inform Timetabling so they can remove this event from SEAtS.
  7. The SEAtS system is accessible on a range of devices on or off-campus if need be  (see SEAtS).
  8. If a swipe machine in a classroom is not working, please report this to IT Services, but note that student swipes may take up to 15 minutes to show up on the system.

Student Attendance Monitoring at Villiers House

  1. We are aware that there are no swipe machines at Villiers House on floors 2, 3 and 4.  Please manually update the class attendance online (via SEAtS) rather than taking any physical registers. We can provide class attendance reports on request.
  2. If you have received an authorised absence request from a student on a visa or an apprenticeship student, please liaise with your course administrator who can process their request.
  3. If a student is self-isolating due to Covid-19, when they fill in our online reporting form (Covid-19 reporting form) Academic Administration will record this absence in SEAtS. They do not require an authorised absence form but students should inform their personal tutor of this absence.



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