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Poll Everywhere is a live polling and feedback tool for use in the classroom. Display multiple-choice or free text questions within your PowerPoint slides or via the Poll Everywhere website. Students respond to them on their own phones, tablets or laptops and their replies are instantly displayed.

Find out more about how it works

Ideas for using Poll Everywhere in teaching

  • Checking understanding
  • Gather instant feedback
  • Improve attentiveness with a polling ‘break’
  • Peer instruction – ask a question, get students to discuss, poll again
  • ‘Gamification’ – introduce a competitive element to your class with team polls

Download 8 ways to use Poll Everywhere in the classroom

Getting started with Poll Everywhere

1. Get an account: You’ll need a UWL Poll Everywhere account which will be created using your UWL email address.  Contact us to request your account.

2. Start creating your questions:

3. Tell your students:  Give your students advance warning that you’ll be using it so that they bring their mobile devices.  And show them how to respond to your questions.  These slides may help Poll Everywhere Instructions for Students

In the classroom

You can display questions in the classroom through the projector either from the website or from PowerPoint.

  1. Website: Log in to polleverywhere.com and click on the question you want to display
  2. PowerPoint: Open your PowerPoint and log in to Poll Everywhere from the Poll Everywhere tab in PowerPoint.

Further help

  • Once you’ve got an account, use Poll Eveywhere’s User Guide to get started.