UWL Replay

What is UWL Replay?

UWL Replay is the university’s video and lecture recording system. It is also known as Panopto. It can be used in three ways:

  • In the classroom – UWL Replay is available in all lecture theatres and many teaching rooms. It records audio and the computer screen. Recordings  are initiated manually in the room. See Classroom Recordings.​
  • At your desk – UWL Replay uses a system called Panopto which can also be used on your desktop or laptop to create ‘personal recordings’.​ It records audio & optionally the computer screen and / or the webcam. See Personal Recordings for further information.
  • Video assessmentsstudents can use the Panopto App or the desktop software to record and submit video assessments.

The recordings are made available to students through Blackboard.

Screenshot of panopto recording view Screenshot of panopto recording view

Example Recording – Audio & Screen (PowerPoint)

Panopto Recorder used for Personal Recordings


Why use UWL Replay?​

Classroom Lecture Recordings – recordings of your lectures provide opportunities for your students to review your lectures to check that they have understood everything and to augment their notes. Students particularly value the opportunity to revisit parts of lectures that have addressed complex or difficult points. UWL Replay is compliant with new accessibility regulations that came into force on 23 September 2018, so that captioning is available on all videos by default.

Personal Recordings – recordings made at your desk are particularly useful for introductory or complex material. Adding audio and video to your learning materials makes them appear more personal and as with lecture recordings students can replay them as often as they need to.​

Guidance for Staff and Students

Staff guidance on UWL Replay can be found here.

Need Urgent Help in a classroom? If you have any issues with the technical set-up and need urgent assistance, call IT Services via 2201 (externally 020 231 2203). This number bypasses the IT Service desk anyone in the IT office answers this number it is our classroom fault line, we then inform IT Engineer to attend the class straight aw

Students need guidance on the best use of UWL Replay. It’s important that they see it as a tool for reviewing lectures, not an alternative to attending. Encourage your students to look at the ideas and tips on the Student Blackboard Help pages

App for UWL Replay

You can use UWL Replay on the free Panopto App. It’s available for your Android or Apple smartphones and tablets.

Use the Panopto App to:

  • View UWL Replay recordings​Panopto logo
  • Upload video assignments

Download the free app today

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The first time you use the app you will need to add the Panopto site information. The UWL Panopto site is: uwl.cloud.panopto.eu Then login using the Blackboard option.