This page provides links to important documents which govern both UK Higher Education and more locally, UWL teaching and course design.

National documents

  The Quality Code

  The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications This link also provides access to the outcome classification descriptions for FHEQ Level 6 (FQHEIS L10) and the Higher Education Credit framework for England

  Subject Benchmark Statements

  Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body expectations and requirements should be listed on the individual organisations website.  The QAA has provided guidance on working with PSRBs int he New Quality Framework. A download can be obtained from the above link.

UWL Strategies and Policies and other documents relevant to Learning and Teaching (in alphabetical order)

Academic Quality and Standards Handbook

  Assessment and Feedback Policy

  Critical thinking Framework

  Graduate Attributes

  Interconnected Curriculum

  Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Update on the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

   Teaching Observation Policy

UWL Policies and Regulations

If there are any relevant documents you think are missing, please contact