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In this page, you can find guidance on the University of West London Blackboard Collaborate – Web conferencing/webinar platform designed for use in online teaching. Blackboard Collaborate is particularly useful for delivering webinars, personal tutoring and recording presentations. It is linked to your module and therefore all your students can easily have access to it.

Note: Please make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox. visit here for the list of supported operating systems and browsers.

In case of any IT related issues, please contact the IT Service team. In case you want a further explanation regarding the tool and how to use it with your students contact the

Blackboard Collaborate:

1- Session Best Practices – Link

2- Ensuring your Online Webinars are Inclusive.Download

3- Quick guide on how to add Blackboard Collaborate to your module/course and configure sessions. Download

4- How to use Blackboard Collaborate. (10 Minutes)

5- Student Guide “How to Access Blackboard Collaborate (Webinar) Sessions”. Download


Note: This training video applies to Courses, Modules and Communities on Blackboard.

Recorded Training Webinars:

Note: Please login to the university portal before accessing the link below.

Collaborate Webinar (Tuesday 17th March) – Watch

Collaborate Webinar (Thursday 19th March) – Watch

Guides on using Blackboard Collaborate:

1. How to set a session to record

This document will guide you on how to set a new or existing session on Blackboard Collaborate to record.

Set a session to record


2. How to record an active session

This guide will show you how to start and stop a recording in a live session within Blackboard Collaborate

Record an active session


3. How to download a recorded session

This document will guide you on how to download a session that has been recorded and is ready for viewing and downloading.

Download a recorded session


4. How to download participants reports

This document will guide you on how to download a participants report after a session is completed.

Download participants reports


5. How to share files

This document will guide you on how to share files in a Collaborate session so that other attendees are able to view them

Sharing files


6. Share audio and video

Moderators and presenters can share video with audio and audio files in a session from Chrome. All attendees will hear what is played. The way you share audio and video with audio depends on if you’re using a Windows® or Mac OS® computer. Link


7. Share Content

The Ultra experience of Blackboard Collaborate makes it easy to share your knowledge. You can upload content, including PowerPoint® presentations, or share your desktop screen to show more details. Link


8. Breakout Groups

To facilitate small group collaboration, you can create breakout groups that are separate from the main room and assign attendees to them. Link


Issue: Collaborate is stuck on the loading page.

Possible Cause: Disabled/Blocked cookies or third-party cookies.


Audio and Video Setup and Help:

Audio and Video in Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience for moderators

Audio and Video in Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience for participants

Chrome allowing Microphone
Firefox allowing Microphone
Safari allowing Microphone

Mac OS Mojave microphone and webcam permissions
Windows 10 microphone and webcam permissions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, tracking the number of views/downloads is not available yet.

No, password protected recording and guest links are not available yet.

There is no limit on the amount of time a Collaborate Ultra recording is stored.

Yes. Recordings are compressed using the H.264 video compression standard and delivered as MP4s. The degree of compression is variable and depends on the content of the recording. Factors that determine the level of compression and ultimate size of the recording include the presence or absence of application sharing, whiteboards, cameras and microphones, and the overall length of the recording.

Last updated: 30/10/2023