Turnitin logo
Turnitin is an e-assessment tool currently integrated with Blackboard. With the move to Blackboard Ultra we will be using the similarity reporting, and assessment functions built in to Blackboard.For those currently using Turnitin, it has 3 main functions:

1. Online Marking

Use Turnitin GradeMark to collect, grade and give feedback on your students’ work.

2. Similarity Reports

Turnitin’s similarity feature allows you to check students’ work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a huge database of other students’ submissions, academic publications and web pages.

3. Peer Assessment

You can use PeerMark with your students to enable peer marking of assessments.

Video Summary

This video provides an overview of Turnitin’s 3 uses but note that the specific instructions differ from the UWL set-up where Turnitin is integrated into Blackboard. Video source: Turnitin Suite Demo by Turnitin on Vimeo.

Coursework assessments can also be collected and graded using the Blackboard Assignment tool. Please talk to the CELT team for advice on which tool will best meet your needs.