Each semester the University asks all students to complete the Module Evaluation Survey (MES).  All modules are evaluated in class by the module tutor.

These opportunities allow students a voice in feeding back and feeding forward what changes they would like. A key part of this cycle is hearing from their module leader how feedback will be acted upon.

The information collected from the MES is vital as there are often direct correlations and indicators between MES and NSS results. The MES data will also support the TEF portfolio.

Key dates for module evaluations are indicated below and are also circulated by Heads of School to module leaders. Be sure to build into your schedule a class session when you will undertake the MES with your students.



MES Schedule and key dates for Semester 2

9th to 13th March
  • Module Evaluation Team uploads modules and student data on EvaSys (MES software).
  • MLs/tutors to brief students, in class, regarding MES and the importance of the student voice.
Monday, 16th March  at 9am
  • Surveys go LIVE
  • The enrolled students will each receive an email in their UWL mailbox for each module for which they are to be surveyed.
  • HoS/MES Leads will receive a notification email advising that the survey has commenced; they should inform the MLs
  • HoS/MES Leads/MLs should remind their teaching teams regarding the designated MES slots, so students can complete the survey in class.
Sunday, 5th April at 11:59pm
  • Survey Closes
  • HoS/MES Leads will receive the EvaSys reports for the surveyed modules in the MES email account.
  • HoS/MES lead must circulate the reports to the MLs within one week.
14th to 21st April MLs must review EvaSys reports and produce a summary and response, to the feedback received, which will be confirmed by the School Exec before posting on BB. Also a central announcement will be sent to the students thanking them for participating in the survey.
May, 2020 MES results from Semester 2 will be made available to the Schools committee meeting(s), School Boards and to the Student Experience Group by the Strategic Planning Department.




Five key documents:

1. Module Evaluation Survey (MES)

  • This ops manual has been developed to provide guidance for Heads of Schools (HoS) and Subjects, and Module Leaders (MLs) to perform their functions correctly and effectively in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the Module Evaluation Survey (MES).  It will reduce misunderstandings and inform everyone precisely what they need to do, who they are responsible to and for whom they are responsible.

2. The introductory video

  • This is the key video resource that introduces the MES to students

3. MES slide for teaching staff

  • Use this PPT slide displayed in class when students complete the survey. It contains the links to the UWL Student Union President video and the survey (www.uwl.ac.uk/surveys).

4. Accessing MES Results

  • The above document contains step-by-step guidance on how to examine the results  in Tableau. See Step 5 for locating individual module data.
  • Prior to survey close, response rates are sometimes provided at School level but not for individual modules.
  • Quantitative results are released approximately 5 days after the survey closing date (see Essential links below).
  • Qualitative results (confidential) are released to Head of Schools at a later date to circulate to appropriate staff. (Please contact your own HoS if relevant.)

5. Module Evaluation Survey Feedback Guidance

  • Guidance on how to provide feedback to students following their completion of the MES



Essential links

  • MES quantitative results are published under the heading ‘Module Evaluation Analysis’ in Strategic Planning.




If you require further support, please contact ModuleEvaluation@uwl.ac.uk.

If your query relates to a technical issue, please make sure you quote your module reference number. For student access issues, please also quote the student ID.