Purpose of the scheme

This institutional scheme is a developmental process that intends to help academics to identify areas of strength and weakness in their practice with the ultimate goal to enhance the student’s learning experience at the university.

What does it mean for those being observed?

At the start of each academic year, you will be assigned an observer from amongst the trained individuals in your school.

Once you have identified the class to be observed, you should complete the online form: lesson plan. Once completed you should download the form and share it with your observer before the observation. You should keep a copy to inform your appraisal CPD record.

When the process is finished you should complete the online Impact and evaluation form which gives us information on how useful the process was.

The completion of these two forms is mandatory.

What does it mean for the observers?

Observers must read the lesson plan before the observation and use the online Observation form during the observation. It is preferable to do this online but a copy may be downloaded in advance.

Observers will turn up on the correct day and time, ready to observe your practice. They should introduce themselves to the students at the start. They will normally stay only an hour but if they have not completed their observation, they may stay longer.

After the observation, a de-briefing event should occur to allow for a discussion about the observation process. During the de-briefing, the observer should address the three last questions of the teaching observation form.

Important information

You can save the forms (click finish later) to finish them at a time it is more convenient to you. Saving the forms will generate a link that will be emailed to you. Please keep this link in a safe place that you can remember.