All courses at UWL should support students in their development of the UWL Graduate Attributes:


Professional and creative

  • Knowledgeable and confident, our graduates are self-aware; understanding the need for ethical action and considering how they impact others.
  • They are creative, able to communicate ideas effectively, finding solutions to problems and influencing change.
  • Working effectively alone or in teams, they contribute to organisational success.


Thoughtful and proactive

  • Possessing strong Information literacy, our graduates can explain, interpret, analyse, evaluate and draw inferences from a range of sources.
  • They are emotionally intelligent, using their learning to lead, encourage and influence others.
  • Wanting to positively change their worlds, they are committed to equality and inclusivity, personal and professional development and supporting the development of others.


Globally aware and resilient

  • Originating from diverse backgrounds, our graduates are resilient and culturally aware.
  • Embracing change, they are courageous and understand how committing to learning, and developing the requisite skills, allows them to face challenges in highly interconnected, rapidly changing, national and international, environments.