At the start of each academic year, you will be assigned an observer from amongst the trained individuals in your school.

Your observer will contact you to arrange a pre-observation meeting. You should allow about an hour for this meeting which is designed to get to know each other, identify any areas that you particularly want the observer to see (such as areas of good practice or areas where you would appreciate their advice). Having agreed the time and place for the observation you must also agree a time and place for the debrief, which should occur within 24hrs of the observation and NO LATER. This is because memories rapidly fade and for advice to be supportive it needs to be accurate.

Once you have identified the class to be observed,  you  and your observer should complete the online form : Teaching observation-initial meeting . Once completed you should download the form and share with your observer. You should keep a copy to inform your appraisal CPD record. If you can’t complete it in one go, please click the ‘save for later’ link at the bottom of the form.

Once you have agreed with your observer, they will turn up on the correct day and time, ready to observe your practice. They should introduce themselves to the students at the start. They will normally stay only an hour but if they have not completed their observation, they may stay longer.

Observers must use the online Observation form during the observation. It is preferable to do this online but a copy may be downloaded in advance. By completing the first couple of fields and clicking ‘save until later’ a link to this form will be emailed , to which notes from the observation may be transcribed. When completed, you should download a copy and share with the participant to inform your debriefing discussions.

After the observation, the de-briefing event should occur. Participants should be allowed to voice their own opinion of their performance and to ask for advice where the observers views contradict their own. If there is a difference of opinion this should be noted on the Teaching observation form. During the de-briefing, observer and participant should agree the Developmental engagement plan and complete the online form. A copy should be downloaded and shared with the participant so it can be used to inform their continuing professional development and appraisal processes.

After the de-breifing, all the participants should complete the online Participants reflection form which gives us information on how useful the process was.

The above information is provided in more detail in the Handbook for observers and  the Handbook for participants. In addition, the process is summarised in the Teaching Observation Flow Chart