Sometimes the communities and courses and modules on which you are enrolled do not load properly when you access Blackboard through the Internet Explorer browser: More

Find your Blackboard course quickly by grouping them by academic year on the Blackboard home page. Read more

Staff enrolment on Blackboard courses is initially based on the central list of module and course leaders held in Unit-e. In addition, certain some staff have a 'Course Manager' role and can enrol colleagues. Read more

When a new course or module is created in Blackboard – for instance at the start of a new academic year or semester – it is always set up as Unavailable. This means that instructors can see the course or module, but students cannot. Read more

Encourage them to complete the Blackboard online activity, which will introduce them to the home for their studies at UWL. Read more

Blackboard group assignments allow one student to submit a piece of work on behalf of the whole group. It enables lecturers to give feedback and grades once, as the feedback is accessible to all individuals of the group. Read more >>

Blackboard group sets are a quick and easy way to create multiple groups quickly, this is a good option if you plan on using group assignments in Blackboard. Read more >> 

We recommend you use Chrome or Safari when using Blackboard.  A full list of all supported browsers is available on the Blackboard website.

Blackboard courses are created automatically 6-weeks before the module start date. Read more

A request to merge your Blackboard courses can be made by contacting us with the required information. See Blackboard Course Merge for more information.

You can use the Course Copy feature to make a copy of your Blackboard course. See Making a copy of your Blackboard course for more information.

UWL Replay

A link to all recordings for a module will automatically be added to your Blackboard module if you are timetabled in a UWL Replay room. Read more

Lectures in rooms with UWL Replay ​are automatically recorded based on the timetable (unless the lecturer has opted out) Read more

Once you are an Instructor on a Blackboard course which has been "provisioned" i.e. set up to use UWL Replay, you will be able to download the personal recorder software for use on your PC, Mac or laptop at work or at home. Read more


You can create a Turnitin assignment in any content area on your Blackboard course, but we recommend that you add an Assessments button to your course menu, and create the assignment submission points in that area – along with instructions and guidance for your students on submitting work online. Read more

Originality Reports require careful interpretation. A high Similarity Index doesn't indicate plagiarism. Text matches can be caused by text that is correctly referenced or by common language of the discipline. Read more

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