Lyn Greaves Senior Lecturer, National Teaching Fellow The Business School

Student Contributions: Joanne Driscoll (UWL), Emer Shepperd (UWL) and Joel Singer (University of Bristol)

Whilst attending the HEA Discipline Workshop & Seminar Series in 2011-12, students shared their perception that providing flexible resources to describe the types and purpose of feedback will enhance confidence and learner understanding. This perception echoed similar activities across the sector. JISC FfIL has responded to this need for additional flexible materials that specialise in enabling feedback for anytime, anywhere learning. The project builds upon the earlier work of the JISC LTIG project ALLE that focussed on resources designed to support information and digital literacies development. This JISC funded project is part of the Embedded Benefits Programme: ts2012.aspx.

The FfIL project has an additional ‘station stop’ on the JISC ALLE Learner Journey This focusses on feedback and feed-forward learning materials to support learner understanding. Students designed and developed the digital resources, lead the project wiki and engaged with the wider UK student community. The concept behind the original learner journey was to support digital literacy development as a formal experience or a personalised model.

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