Jack Dees Senior Lecturer in Policing, Forensic and Criminology Ealing Law School

Jack was awarded a Technology-enhanced Learning (TEL) Championship in June 2012. As part of his award, he used more rich media in the materials posted on his Blackboard module site (Policing and Police Powers) in order to enhance both teaching and learning. As well as linking to and embedding externally hosted videos, Jack provides short, 5-minute audio recordings (podcasts) for his students prior to and following lectures. The pre-lecture podcast highlights the topic which is the focus of the coming lecture and links the topic to previous lectures. The post-lecture podcast gives a summary of the key points of the lecture and draws out the relationships between them and current news issues.
Podcasts are regularly-produced, small audio files which students can download from or listen to via Blackboard. Podcasts are thus named as they usually provide users with the opportunity of subscribing to an RSS feed which will automatically update users’ devices with the most recent podcast edition. Unfortunately, this option does not currently exist for audio uploaded to Blackboard.

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