You can use Blackboard to set online tests for your students. There are around 20 different types of test available within Blackboard, including:
  • calculated formula
  • fill in the blank
  • hot spot
  • multiple choice
  • short answer
  • and others.

In cases such as multiple choice questions where an answer is either right or wrong, Blackboard will also mark the students’ work, provide feedback (determined in advance by the lecturer), and enter the score into the Grade Centre. The Instructor can then view students’ scores in the Grade Centre, and provide further support where needed.

See the guides below for further guidance on tests and quizzes.

For more information on tests in Blackboard, see the Blackboard help site.


Surveys can be created in Blackboard in much the same way as online tests. The main difference is that with a survey there will not be right or wrong answers, and you are not concerned with – indeed you cannot see – individual students’ responses, but with the proportion of students who were satisfied/dissatisfied etc.

Download the viewing survey results guide

Click here to access a guide on how to view survey results.