Turnitin assignments should be created in the appropriate Assessment Folder within the Assessments area of your Blackboard course. See Blackboard Baseline and Template.


How to set-up a Turnitin Assignment

On the appropriate Assessment page select Assessments > Turnitin Assignments. Step-by-step instructions are available on the official Turnitin website: Creating a Paper Assignment (start at step 4.) Please use the following settings.


UWL Required & Recommended Settings

These settings are recommended but optional, unless marked REQUIRED.

Title: use the official assessment number and the assessment title. e.g. ‘Assessment 1: Project’ REQUIRED

Point value: 100

Start Date: use the default (today’s date)

Due date: the official due date

Post date: 15-working days after the Due date (Grades and Feedback are made available on the due date) REQUIRED

Allow submissions after the due date? Yes

Generate Similarity Reports for Submissions? Yes REQUIRED

Generate Similarity Reports for Student Submissions immediately (can overwrite reports until due date) REQUIRED

Exclude bibliographic materials / quoted materials / small sources No

Allow students to see Similarity Reports? Yes REQUIRED

Enable Anonymous Marking Yes


Naming Assessments

Label Turnitin assignments clearly with the Assessment number and title.  Personal data (such as student names or numbers) must never be used to label Turnitin assignments, for reasons of data privacy.


Video Guide

Note that this video uses an old version of the UWL Template:



School-specific Guidance