Dr Samia Oussena Reader in Computing School of Computing and Technology

The postgraduate module Advance Software Engineering adopts a research-oriented learning approach (Blackmore and Cousin 2003; Brew and Prosser 2003; Healey and Jenkins 2009; Healey and Jenkins 2009) to expose students to software engineering research. The aim is to provide students with opportunities to discuss and evaluate the latest published papers in the field and get to critically evaluate state-of-the-art software engineering literature.

In practice, students are exposed to a rigorous analysis of claims and counter-claims made by published software engineering researchers and develop a systematic approach to careful evaluation of published work. It also develops familiarity with a broad range of current scholarship in software engineering work. A routine element of peer-feedback runs through the module.

The module takes the form of a seminar series in which students do the main presentation after a short introductory tutor presentation. Each session bears on a specific theme. The number of presentations obviously depends on the number of students enrolled on the module – and is therefore not directly transferable to large groups, unless group presentations are introduced. The student presenting the paper has to hand-in a report in which they assess the article. The other students write a short abstract of one of the presentations given during the session.

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