How it works

  • Scheduled recordings: All lectures in rooms with UWL Replay are usually recorded. Teaching sessions must be identified as ‘lecture’ in the timetable to be automatically recorded.
  • Other teaching sessions can be recorded by initiating a manual recording in the classroom.
  • All recordings are published online and are students can access them via Blackboard. Access is restricted to students on the corresponding module.

Panopto workflow

Scheduled recordings

  • Lectures in rooms with UWL Replay ​are automatically recorded based on the timetable. Only teaching sessions identified as ‘Lecture’ are recorded.
  • The system switches on and off automatically but can be paused during the lecture.
  • Only audio & the computer screen is recorded (Plus video in BY.01.001 and some specialist rooms)

Manual recordings

Manual recordings can be started in the classroom using the Panopto software on the desktop:

  1. Open Panopto and sign-in with Blackboard
  2. Choose a folder in which to save the recording
  3. Select the source(s) to record (we recommend audio and screen)
  4. Press Record (and Stop the recording at the end)
  5. The recordings will be published depending on the settings of the chosen folder

Manual recordings printable guide

Rooms with UWL Replay

UWL Replay is available in the following timetabled rooms:

Ealing Site

  • Lady Byron: BY.GF.003, BY.GF.010, BY.01.001, BY.01.017, BY.01.018, BY.01.021, BY.01.022, BY.02.014, BY.02.015, BY.02.016, BY.02.017, BY.02.018, BY.02.019, BY.02.021, BY.02.024, BY.02.025, BY.02.026, BY.03.004, BY.03.006, BY.03.011, BY.03.014, BY.03.015, BY.03.018, BY.03.023, BY.03.031,  BY.04.005
  • Lammas: LA.GF.006 (manual recording only)
  • Peter John: PE.01.003, PE.01.006, PE.02.001, PE.02.002, PE.02.003, PE.02.004, PE.02.006, PE.03.001, PE.03.003
  • Warwick: WK.GF.003, WK.01.004, WK.01.005, WK.01.007, WK.01.008, WK.01.010, WK.01.013, WK.01.014, WK.01.015, WK.02.012, WK.02.013, WK.03.002, WK.03.003, WK.03.004, WK.03.006, WK.03.009

Paragon Site

  • Paragon: PRG03, PRG04, PR109, PR110, PR111, PR112, PR113, PR114, PR119, PR120, PR502, PR509, PR602, PR603,  PR604, PR606, PR607, PR608, PR609, PR610, PR704, PR705, PR707, PR708, PR803, PR804, PR805, PR806, PR807​

Berkshire Institute for Health

  • Fountain House: FH.03.004, FH.03.005, FH.03.008, FH.09.003 (Hawaii), FH.09.004 (Texas), FH.09.006 (Georgia),  FH.09.009 (Kentucky), FH.09.012 (Oklahoma), FH.09.013, FH.10.007 (Oregon), FH.10.008 (Washington), FH.10.009 (Arizona), FH.10.010 (Montana).

What happens in the classroom?

  • Please remind your students that the teaching session is being recorded
  • The system switches on and off automatically based on the timetable.
  • The recording indicator lights will show the status of UWL Replay
  • You can Pause and continue recording at any point using the F9 key on the keyboard (Recommended!)



Keyboard options

  • Pause / Continue Recording F9
  • Stop (End) Recording F10


After the class

  • Scheduled recordings are automatically made available in Blackboard. You can change this setting.
  • Manual recordings are published based on the settings of the folder. You will receive an email once the recording has been processed. It will contain a direct link to the recording and settings.

University Lecture Capture Policy

The university has a Lecture Capture Policy which covers classroom recordings. It provides staff and students with guidance and processes relating to various rights (including copyright, intellectual property and performance rights) and the appropriate use of recordings.

Staff Opt-out form

Staff are asked to temporarily assign their performer’s rights to the University in order to allow students access to those recordings. Staff who don’t wish to temporarily assign their performance rights to UWL can opt-out of being recorded as follows:

  1. Complete the Replay Staff Opt-Out Form and send it to your Head of School
  2. Stop the scheduled recording in the classroom*. It is the responsibility of the member of staff opting-out to stop the classroom recording. This can be done using F10 on the keyboard at the start of the class.

*This is a manual process it’s not possible to administer the process accurately centrally.

​​Visitor Consent Form

Guest lecturers and other visitors to UWL must complete a visitor consent form before being recorded


Tips to consider while recording a lecture

  • Before the start of your recordings, please notify your students that the session will be recorded and that verbal communication may be included in the recording.
  • Make use of Pause (F9). You don’t need to record the whole session. Only record the parts that students might want to review – your presentation.
  • If students ask any questions during the session, and you want it to be recorded you will probably need to repeat it.
  • Make sure all documents (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) that will be used in your recordings are stored on the desktop of the computer. Please avoid using USB stick during your recordings.
  • Please be aware of where the microphone is located when moving around the classroom, as this will affect the clarity of the sound recording. There is a ceiling mic in most rooms at the front of the classroom.
  • Please keep mobile phones devices away from the recording equipment, to avoid any interference with the recording quality.​

Using the microphone in the Dr William Barry Theatre

When recording in the Dr William Barry Lecture Theatre, it is advisable to use a lapel microphone for best audio quality. You can book the lapel microphone through the Main Reception Desk on ext: 2231.

If using the gooseneck microphone on the lectern (shown below), please ensure that it is switched on.

DWBT microphone

A red light is visible on the microphone when it is switched on. There is an on/off switch just below this light at the bottom of the microphone neck:

Mic switch


Microphone on Microphone off
Microphone on Mic off