How it works

  • Recordings can be made at any computer with the Panopto Recorder and a mic. (Contact IT Services to request Panopto for your work computer and for advice on recording audio).
  • You can record audio & optionally the computer screen and / or the webcam.
  • The recordings are published online and are accessed via Blackboard

How to download the UWL Replay recorder software

​Once you are an Instructor on a Blackboard course which has been “provisioned” i.e. set up to use UWL Replay, you will be able to download the personal recorder software for use on your PC, Mac or laptop at work or at home. All staff have been set up with their personal course in Blackboard for this purpose. This is labelled “Panopto space for <your name>”.

Once you have provisioned your course​, follow the link from Blackboard to UWL Replay.

You should now see Download Recorder top right, next to your name.

Download  Recorder

Download Panopto link

Download the Windows or Mac installer as shown. Do not instal the Remote Recorder.

Download panopto recorder

How to record create manual/personal recording

This page provides guidance on making personal recordings using UWL Replay Recorder​​​​​​​ on your PC at work or home.

For scheduled lecture recordings, please see Classroom Recordings.


  1. View the following video on guidance related to using Panopto on your personal device without Appsanywhere

How to Change the Audio Quality

You can change the quality from between Standard, High or Ultra from the options below then select apply.

Qaulity options through the Panopto recorder

How to make a recording without video

You can switch off the video recording and have an only audio and powerpoint/screen cast recording. You can do this by selecting the ‘none’ option under the video menu.

Turn off vide recording through the Panopto recorder

Difference Between Audio Quality Settings

Standard Quality:

Audio Only – 48 kbps

Video and Audio – 298 kbps

Video, Audio, and Secondary Video – 548 kbps


High Quality:

Audio Only – 128 kbps

Video and Audio – 1128 kbps

Video, Audio, and Secondary Video – 2196 kbps


Ultra Quality:

Audio Only – 128 kbps

Video and Audio – 1628 kbps

Video, Audio, and Secondary Video – 2628

​Tips to consider while recording lecture

  • ​Test your microphone volume before starting to record, in order to make sure it is working and that the sound ​quality is clear and audible.
  • Before the start of your recordings, please notify your students that the session will be recorded and that verbal communication may be included in the recording.
  • If students ask any questions during the session, please repeat the question out loud before answering the question.
  • During class discussions, please make sure that students to speak out loud clearly and manage students to speak in order and not at the same time.
  • Try to avoid using terms ‘as you can see here’ ‘as shown here’ and consider your online audience.
  • Make sure all documents (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) that will be used in your recordings are stored on the desktop of the computer. Please avoid using USB stick during your recordings.
  • Please record a minute before the start and the end of your session.
  • If you are not wearing a wireless microphone, please be aware of where the microphone is located when moving around the classroom, as this will affect the clarity of the sound recording.
  • Please keep mobile phones devices away from the recording equipment, to avoid any interference with the recording quality.​​