Useful shortcuts

While recording ​​you can Pause and Stop the recording using the shortcuts on your keyboards.

Pause recordings

F9 keyboard button

Press the F9 key to pause the recording. (While paused, recording continues in the backend. It can be restored if needed in the UWL Replay website)

To resume, click on F9 again. ​


Stop recording

F10  keyboard button

The F10 key will end the recording. Your recording will be Automatically uploaded to your folder.​​

Once you press F10 you will get a confirmation message to stop the recording, select Yes


Confirmation to stop the recording


How to Make a recording session unavailable to students​​​

How to move a session to another folder


How to hide recording folder from students

  1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. Select  
  3. Select all folders from the side menu
  4. Find your module from the list
  5. Select Settings     Settings option throught the panopto folder  
  6. Select Settings again

  7. Under Availability, Select never (Unless set on the session)

Availability options

8. Close window​​

Close window

Editing a recording

See the user guides on the Panopto Support site:

Video tutorials

Basic Editing Overview

How to trim beginning/end/middle out of recordings

Advanced Editing: Splicing

How to add content to recordings

Advanced Editor Features

Everything else that the Panopto editor can do